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                          Cemetery Gates are open from 8:00 a.m. – Sunset, Weather Permitting


All persons are asked to remember that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead and that all who violate the rules and regulations of this cemetery will be excluded there from.

NO PETS, Alcohol, Fishing, Hunting, Ice Skating, Firearms or Picnicking allowed.

Real flowers are permitted on lots.  Flowers must be planted within one foot of the monument or headstone.  Not in the middle of the grave.  Artificial/Plastic flowers are NOT permitted.


NO FENCING allowed on the graves. Landscape trim is permitted around the flower bed.

Shrubs are permitted.  Shrubs are the responsibility of the lot owners.  Owners must keep them neat and trimmed.  Other arrangements can be made with this office.

Roses, Barberry, Bamboo, Ivy or any spreading natured plants or shrubs are NOT permitted and will be removed from lot by the cemetery.

Landscaping stones, wood chips, rocks, pebbles, glass containers or metal objects are NOT permitted and will be removed.


Benches are Not permitted unless it is a monument.


Non floral stand-alone decorations are NOT permitted (e.g. balloons, pinwheels, trinkets or statues) and will be removed.

The lot MUST be paid in full before any headstone work is allowed.  Only one headstone per grave is allowed.  A Monument base must not be more than sixty percent of the width of the lot.

This cemetery DOES NOT buy back unwanted lots.  Other arrangements could be made with this office on selling them.

Please put all waste in the wastebaskets located on plots.

Please Stop or Call the Office with any Questions.  Thank You, Forest Hill Cemetery


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