Forest Hill Cemetery
Utica, NY

Utica's Outdoor Museum 

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Superintendent Gerard Waterman
(315) 735-2701

Forest Hill Cemetery, with its well-maintained, Victorian style landscape is here to help you realize this goal.

Conveniently located in the greater Utica area, this not-for-profit, non-sectarian cemetery is known world wide for its rich historical value.  Many national, state, and local leaders rest at Forest Hill.  A Vice-President of the United States, veterans of many armed conflicts (including Medal of Honor Recipients),  political and industrial leaders and many philanthropic giants are at Forest Hill Cemetery; all representing the historic richness and greatness of Utica.

Let the charm, character and over 150 years of superlative service to the families of Utica become yours.

The staff of Forest Hill Cemetery is busy tirelessly maintaining its decades old reputation of dignity and care to families gone before.  They are ready to assist you in your time of need.


Please remember our
October burials:

Sandra Zbikowski
Jerome Price
Nadezhda Gordeyva
Nancy Dumas
Victor Munford
Joseph Goings
Diana C. Howard
Doris H. Hinsey
Charles K. Shepard
Hector R. Jorge
Warren Tarver
Willie Smith
Sandra Sweezey
Jacob Johnson

Please remember our
September burials:

Eh Gay
Mya Yee
Susan Butcher
Peter Udowiczyk
Taylor Jones
Rosa Rosa
Edward Evans
Frances Henry
Coryell Heyward
Wilmer A. Mernick
Tin Myain
Donte Harris
Sakinah N. Mujahid
Vithalbhai Patel
Patricia Davis
Elliot Hunt

Please remember our
November burials:
Patricia McCormick
Melvin Jerome Pete
Patrick Keller
Barbara Washington
Charlene Wilson
Adelia Carro
Ronald Hanretty
Michael J. Bianca
Clint D. Bush
Donald Fagne
Narcisa Melendez
Gail Collea
Dominique Rood
Charles Gibbons
Anna Avetsiuk
Ilya Sokol
Larry Cave
Vernon Patterson
Ronald McMaster